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The Role of Beet Juice in Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Beet Juice

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can be seen when a man is having difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection at the time of sexual activity. The compounds present in beet juice is known for having several benefits, but some individuals claim that it could help in avoiding erectile dysfunction as well.


No particular scientific evidence has been derived to prove the effectiveness beet juice has on erectile dysfunction. Though, many men prefer consuming it for keeping or getting and erection. There can be several reasons attached to it.

Nitric Oxide

Beet juice is useful in helping the body create nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is useful in opening the blood vessels up and is usually found in the market in the form of dietary supplement for erectile dysfunction. Nitric oxide can help in maintaining the pressure in the person’s corpus cavernosum which is necessary for achieving an erection. Beet juice has high amounts of nitrates which the body turns into nitric oxide.

Reduced Blood Pressure

High blood pressure could have a role in erectile dysfunction because it could hinder with the blood flow necessary for the reception.

Research has been able to find that foods like beet that are known for its high nitrate content could help in lowering the blood pressure among individuals suffering from hypertension. Having a single cup of beet juice has the potential to show desirable benefits.

In cases where the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction is high blood pressure, consuming beet juice can provide effective results.


Cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) can help in relaxing the arteries to provide a better blood flow to the genitals. A recent study has been able to derive that foods are high in nitrates could help in increasing the cGMP level. This shows that beet juice may have a potential in helping men keep an erection.

Using Beet Juice for Erectile Dysfunction

The stem and roots of fresh beets need to be processed in a juicer for creating beat juice. Many stores in the market also sell beet juice. As the earthy flavour of the juice could be disliked by many, some may dilute it with apples, organs, ginger, or celery juice.

Health Benefits

Some of the important nutrients that beet juice provides include:


There are usually no side effects observed if beet juice is consumed in moderation. A common side effect would be beeturia, a condition where the colour of the urine turns reddish. It can also create side effects in people who are already consuming medications for hypertension.

As beets have high sugar content, people having diabetes can suffer negative side effects. People who have a past history of urinary stones resulting from calcium oxalate should consult with their doctor before adding beet juice to the regular diet.


Occasionally experiencing ED may not be an issue. But, lack of exercise, high amounts of stress, and poor lifestyle choices could have an effect on the libido. To prevent ED, it is always better to practice a healthy lifestyle. Adding beet juice seems promising with respect to ED, hence it could be added to the diet in moderation.

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