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What You Need To Know About Viagra

Viagra is nothing but a little blue pill specially made for men found with erectile dysfunction. Though there are lots of drugs available for treating erectile dysfunction to choose from, the effectiveness of Viagra is referred to be the highest of all medications available to treat ED.

Viagra in United Kingdom

What is all about Viagra?

Viagra, also referred by its generic name called Sildenafil, is a medication used to treat conditions like erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension in men. Even though it was initially developed for erectile dysfunction treatment, Viagra has now turned out to be famous among younger men for recreational purpose as it tends to offer them longer erections.

A brief history of Viagra:

The actual story behind Viagra and its generic use for treating erectile dysfunction was really an accident. A group of scientists including Nicholas Terrett, David Brown and Andrew Bell were engaged in developing medications for the treatment of high-blood pressure and several other heart conditions. But, these researchers soon found that it was useful in treating erections too. Therefore, it was officially granted as Viagra and the same drug got approval from FDA in the year 1998. Since then, Viagra has become the first oral tablet to be used for treating erectile dysfunction in the United Kingdom.

What are the ingredients found in Viagra?

As many chemical compounds & processes involved, Viagra made of active ingredients including:

Who can make use of Viagra?

Men who are suffering from ED are supposed to be using Viagra as Viagra is considered to be the most effective drug for Erectile Dysfunction. As far as the efficiency of Viagra is concerned, many studies reveal that about eighty percent of the men get certain benefits while using Viagra to treat their erectile dysfunction. You should avoid using Viagra when you make use of another nitrate drug. If you are using this erectile dysfunction drug with any of the nitrate drugs, then it will lower your blood pressure. So, it is better to consult your healthcare professional regarding possible alternatives while using nitrate drug. Please carefully follow the directions given by your doctor. You should not take more than one dose per day.

Possible side effects

Some common side effects that you may experience while using Viagra include Fever, flushing, Stomachache, Runny nose, Blurry vision and Muscle pain

How the drug does works?

Viagra is defined as PDE5 Inhibitor that inhibits the compound, which decreases blood flow. Using Viagra will help in preventing the breakdown of CGMP that is responsible for increased blood flow, thereby giving you an erection. It just helps in occurring blood flow. Viagra usually takes about two to three hours to work and for this reason, you are recommended to have it a few hours prior to your anticipated sexual activity. After taking it, it will last for about 5 hours.

Interaction between man and women is the most pleasurable relation in one’s life. But, life also has dark aspects which present many hurdles in strengthening the mutual relationship. There have been recent developments which amazingly succeeded in removing those problems and one of them is the Viagra, the most demanded enhancement by the loving couples of the world.

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Viagra side-effects: very common, common, uncommon and rare

Viagra has become one of the most common names whenever the mention of drugs is taken into consideration. This drug has become one of the most popular treatment of the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. This treatment has become so common in men that a majority of men rely completely on Viagra to treat their longing problem of ED.

Viagra side-effects

Viagra works effectively on the body of a person by the way of effecting on the blood flow of a person’s penis. In order to get an erection, it is very important that the blood flow in the penis is sufficient and Viagra plays a very important role in helping this blood stream flow effectively into the penis of a person. Thanks to the active ingredient called sildenafil present in this drug that creates magic in the body of a person, resulting in a perfect erection and a happy sex-life.

Although Viagra is considered to be one of the safest treatments for erectile dysfunction, the same is believed to cause various side-effects. The side-effects of Viagra could be classified under four heads namely, very common side effects, common side effects, uncommon side effects as well as rare side effects.

Very common side effects caused by Viagra:

The most common side effect that Viagra causes in the body of a person is headache. A majority of men are often found complaining about constant headaches while they are on the treatment of erectile dysfunction using Viagra. However, a mild headache is not a serious problem as it passes very quickly.

Common side effects caused by Viagra:

Common side effects caused by Viagra are slightly more serious than very common side effects, however less serious than the rare side effects. These common side effects caused by Viagra affect at least one among hundreds of people. These common side effects of Viagra include problems such as facial flushing, nausea as well as hot flushes. Not only this, some men who are on the treatment of Viagra also complain about the problems like nasal congestion, indigestion as well as bouts of dizziness. Other common side effects of Viagra include a visual disturbance like blue tinge in the vision, blurred vision, etc. In most of these cases, the common effects caused by Viagra last within a few minutes only.

Uncommon side effects caused by Viagra:

Uncommon side effects caused by Viagra occur in not more than one in hundreds of men who consume Viagra on a regular basis. The uncommon side effects caused by Viagra include problems such as upset stomach, visual symptoms such as redness, sensitivity and pain, rapid heart rate or fluctuation in the blood pressure, muscle aches, runny nose, blocked nose, ringing in the ears as well as rashes.

Rare side effects caused by Viagra:

Rare side effects caused by Viagra occur in only one out of thousands of men who are on the medication of Viagra. The rare side effects caused by Viagra include eye changes including bleeding in the back of the eye, double vision, swelling in the eye as well as eyelid, irregular heartbeat, a drop in the blood pressure resulting in fainting, stroke and even heart-attack, bleeding from the penis, hearing difficulties, numbness or swelling in the mouth, throat or nose and feelings of irritation.

The frightening disease of impotence is consistently increasing its victims among men. Unfortunately impotence has so high incidence rate now that every man gets affected by it sometime in his life. The crippling disease of impotence affects one’s intimate relations adversely demolishing the pleasures of sexual intercourse. To help such men experience again the lost pleasures of sexual intercourse, Pfizer pharmaceuticals, a popular pharmaceutical company, has introduced a wonder drug called Viagra. Viagra effectively fights against the evilness of impotence. Also known by the name of "blue pill", Viagra has successfully achieved doctors compliance and has gained the reputation of being the most reliable and effective drug for impotence available in the market. More about Viagra

Why Viagra doesn't Work for Everyone

People react differently towards Viagra. This erectile dysfunction drug can work or not work. It depends on a certain factors that we are about to address. Most men suffering from erectile dysfunction get frustrated when this drug doesn't work for them. Most of them end up quitting on this drug early without finding out why it didn't work for them.

Some people quit using Viagra because of its side effects. It is important to understand that Viagra is one of the few erectile dysfunction drugs that have minimum side effects.

Viagra for Men

Viagra fails to work for some men because of the absence of genital stimulation to arouse them before engaging in any sexual activity. Viagra is meant to improve erection by increasing the amount of blood entering the penis .It is not a stimulator. Most people don’t have an idea about the above information. A man will not respond positively to an erection if he/she doesn’t have enough physical stimulation.

Viagra will not work for anyone taking high fat meals. Fats decrease the rate of medical absorption. This might be one reason why Viagra didn't work for you. The same case applies to those taking this ED drug while under the influence of drugs. Alcohol reduces the effect of Viagra. You should consult your doctor or physician for more information on the alcohol limit you should not exceed before taking this drug.

Viagra cannot work on people with psychological issues. This ranges from stress to anxiety, among others. Stress and anxiety can affect how a person reacts during any sexual activity. Psychological issues can interfere with someone’s ability to get stiff penile erections and maintain them for a long period.

This erectile dysfunction drug might not work for a person taking various types of ED drugs at the same time. These drugs have different strengths. One drug might affect the functionality of another drug. A person should try one drug at a time.

Studies have revealed that Viagra doesn't work for people under dose. There are three types of Viagra. A person should always take the prescribed dosage if this drug is to be effective on them and give them the desired erection.

How to rectify these common mistakes

You should take Viagra 30-60 minutes before the planned sexual activity. Don't take Viagra if you have not agreed with your partner. This drug should be taken on an empty stomach. Secondly; ensure your partner properly stimulates you before any form of penetration. Viagra facilitates erection only.

You should avoid any form of drug abuse when taking Viagra. Lastly; you should take Viagra at least four to five times before giving up on it. Viagra will not work for people taking prescribed drugs. You should visit your doctor if you are taking any form prescribed drugs.

There are some conditions which don’t support this type of drug. They range from:

Kindly consult your doctor before taking Viagra.

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